Dr. Linda C M Sheard

Dr. Linda Sheard speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023
ChatGPT, OpenAI, Dall-E – collaborators, competitors, or tools for UX designers?

Stories of Large Language Models like ChatGPT and Dall-E are dominating the news these days. But what does it mean for the UX design profession? What happens when an AI starts taking initiative of where to direct a user conversation or journey? How can designers and content creators leverage the generative capabilities of these models safely? And what is the responsibility of UX designers with respect to the guardrails that we need to design into solutions that leverage human interaction with generative models?

In this online workshop, Dr. Linda Sheard will dive into these and other questions in an interactive format, inviting the audience to take part in the discussion.You’ll leave with a “101 overview” of these latest developments in AI and a flavour of the new skillsets that the UX profession will have the opportunity to expand into.

Dr Linda Sheard is a Senior Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI at Microsoft. She helps Microsoft’s customers to build end-to-end AI and analytics solutions on the Azure Cloud, and is passionate about designing for responsible use of AI, never more so than now, after Microsoft has launched an Azure OpenAI service for general availability. Linda first started working with AI in the context of some of the earliest IBM Watson solutions for natural language understanding, working in close collaboration with the IBM Design Studio, who taught her respect for the UX and visual design professions and turned her into a strong proponent of Design Thinking. She is also active as a technical coach and panel judge for the Microsoft AI4Good programme.

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