Joachim Blicher

Joachim Blicher speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023
Workshop: Solving invisible problems

Designing for risk can be hard to test and validate because conventional testing methods aren’t always feasible or accurate. That doesn’t mean you’re limited in your design options though! 

Our thoughts and decisions are heavily influenced by unconscious biases. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to solve untestable scenarios using persuasive design techniques that leverage psychological biases to drive desired behaviors. 

Joachim Blicher is a highly skilled and versatile multidisciplinary designer, specializing in strategic UX design. He is known for his effectiveness in solving problems by utilizing user insights and behavioral design principles to create human-centered designs. Joachim has a talent for simplifying complex information, making it valuable and tangible. For over a decade, he has worked with major companies and national agencies in Denmark, helping them provide seamless digital experiences. With a background in software development, Joachim possesses a strong and natural curiosity for tech and design. He has gained extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, enabling him to design creative solutions using the latest technological possibilities.

In addition to his work as a senior digital product designer at the LEGO group, Joachim is a guest lecturer and keynote speaker, sharing his knowledge and promoting the UX mindset on LinkedIn. He is passionate about his work and strives to create the best possible user experiences.


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