What is UX Copenhagen?

Welcome to the UX Copenhagen® conference – Denmark’s most inspirational human experience conference, covering subjects like user experience, content, strategy, and research under a new theme for each year. We will present you with two days filled with superb content from 20+ local and international speakers, hands-on workshops, inspiration, networking, new knowledge, and new insights. 

UX Copenhagen 2022 – Creating a Culture Change, March 28-29th.

The theme for UX Copenhagen® 2022

The theme for UX Copenhagen® 2022 is “Creating a Culture Change”. We will be bringing forward subjects like employee experience, governance, change management, and empowerment. We’ll be discussing how different “isms” and biases have a huge effect on the internal culture of a company – and how this ties into UX and design, and what we can do to change this.

We keep hearing that designers don’t have a seat at the table when it comes to decision-making. Why is that still the case? UX has been around for over a decade now, maybe even closer to two, and the tools and methodologies have certainly developed to help “prove” the value of UX and design. Why, then, are we still fighting for governance? And what other aspects of a (company) culture can be improved on with “UX” or with using user-centric methods? Does your product convey to the world what your company culture is really like?

Other important issues that we really need to start talking more loudly about are isms, biases, and privilege. Ageism, for example, is a huge issue, and one that is rarely talked about. The fact is that the average living age for humans is growing, and there is going to be a huge percentage of “older” people in the near future. Oftentimes, we’re not even designing for them!

We have decided that the 2022 conference will again be 100% virtual. We might look into the possibility of creating a hybrid event, depending on what the world looks like next spring. The virtual part of the conference will focus on bringing people together to network and interact. We will be hosting Round Table sessions with our speakers (some previous speakers too) with only 6 participants in each session; hands-on, live workshops; and live Q&A sessions with each of this year’s speakers. The Round Table sessions will only be available to conference participants.

Our Call for Papers for UX Copenhagen is open each year from June 1st to September 1st (this year, we have extended the CFP until October 15th, 2021). Looking forward to hearing from you!
hello (at) uxcopenhagen.com

Every year, our speakers and participants are a fantastic mixture of international and local Danish UX experts, marketing professionals, digital managers, designers, innovators, strategists, researchers, and others interested in the field. The conference is run by Helle Martens’ tiny indie business team, and fueled by a strong passion for the field of UX and design.

We look forward to welcoming you to two days filled with superb content, inspiration, networking, new knowledge, and new insights.

In case you missed out, some of the talks from previous years are available on our YouTube channel for free viewing. The full recordings, including Q&A sessions and the talks not found on YouTube are available for purchase – please visit our shop for more information.

Promoting networking and interaction in 2022

We’re doing everything we can to support networking during our virtual events.

🌞 ROUND TABLE SESSIONS- Intimate online rooms with few participants. Get to know the speakers!

Most of this year’s speakers, along with a number of previous speakers, will be hosting small 1-hour group sessions with only 6-8 participants. Please stay tuned to the website for more information!

🌞 CHATROOMS WITH SOME OF OUR SPONSORS AND PARTNERS- Hop in for some networking and fun activities during our breaks!

Some of our partners will be hosting chatrooms and virtual “booths” with different activities for you to take part in during our breaks. Check out a demo of their products, join in on raffles and other give-aways, and network with other conference participants. 

Last year, we also started a new initiative: a series of conversations with what we call “Conversations with UX Copenhagen”.

Conversations with UX Copenhagen

Please join us live for open and candid talks with our upcoming speakers on our “Conversations with UX Copenhagen” videocast sessions. These conversations will be hosted by Helle Martens, as they are inspired by her initial chats with potential speakers for the UX Copenhagen Conference.

She will be inviting potential speakers, and voices in tech and design to talk about the upcoming theme for the next conference, about ethics in design and tech, and about everything in between. Every conversation is recorded live, and anyone can join in with questions during the event.

Tickets (free) will be made available on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/helle-martens-10096464967.

Who attends UX Copenhagen?

Everyone is welcome, and it’s not just a conference for UX’ers and designers! The talks are relevant to anyone working in tech, working with product design, both digital and physical, people working with communication, and creatives of all kinds. Some of the job titles our participants have include:

  • design leaders
  • ux designers
  • ux researchers
  • ux writers
  • content strategists
  • marketers
  • web entrepreneurs
  • graphical designers
  • social media managers
  • content designers
  • content strategists
  • content creators
  • software developers

A little background

The conference started in 2014 after an accident and a series of events that led to Helle Martens being laid off her job as senior UX’er. She decided to start her own company, and started joking that she wanted to host a conference on UX and design. About a year later, things suddenly fell into place, and she sold 144 tickets to her first event in March 2015.
2022 will be the 8th UX Copenhagen® conference. The themes so far have been: Customer Experience; Designing for Emotions and Trust; Designing for Empowerment; Ethics and the Role of the User Experience Designer; Consent & Privacy, and Influence & Designing for Good, Commoning, and for 2022, the theme is “Creating a Culture Change”.
Every year, the conference has about 200 participants of whom 76% are international. 50% of the audience are “UX Designers” (interaction designers, service designers, UI designers, content designers etc.), and 25% are managers (UX Lead, Head of Design, Head of Software Development, etc.). The rest are marketing folks, graphical designers, and other creatives. It’s a great networking event with a really wonderful crowd of participants and speakers. 

Helle runs the conference pretty much on her own. She has certain principles, for example she insists on having at least 50% women speakers, and as many different points of view as possible presented on stage. She always has at least one “new/junior speaker” on stage each year, and tries to promote charities, new startups, and initiatives that promote UX and doing good. The budget for the conference is solely based on ticket sales and (very few) company sponsorships, so she doesn’t have a lot to give. She does her best to share what she can though, and is adamant that both the speakers and she feels that what they agree upon is fair.