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Idun Aune

Growth has been the default modus operandi for so long it is almost unspoken. This talk challenges ‘growth-default’ along with other ‘defaults’ that inform product and design: masculine default, northern hemisphere default, english defaults etc. It is a call to action to challenge the utility of defaults that inform our work. In this talk, Ruby will draw examples from across the globe and show products moving beyond our current paradigms as well as those stuck in default thinking, while arming you with the tools you need to think differently about product design. It will cover things big and small that we can all do to create better products that align with more inclusive values.

Lisa Talia Moretti

The focus of this workshop is to provide tech professionals with a practical skill set that can be used to minimize the likelihood of negative consequences occurring from our tech creations. The workshop will also help to frame positive outcomes and how we can aim to amplify these. With the prevalence of data-driven products and services that are becoming increasingly intelligent and automated, ethical thinking is a frontier skill set that needs to be developed if we hope to create responsible technology. This workshop is for all tech professionals, regardless of discipline or experience.

Anna Rátkai

Excessive consumption of unnecessary stuff is unquestionably one of the leading causes of climate change. And it’s not just the environment that suffers: the clutter we invite to our lives suffocates us.We have enough, we don’t need more stuff. UX Researcher Anna Rátkai is coming to UX Copenhagen to talk about her passion project “Kind Commerce”. She wants to raise awareness and get more designers to advocate for an alternative approach to e-commerce design.

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