Anna Rátkai

Anna Rátkai speaking at UX Copenhagen 2024
Kind Commerce: challenging excessive consumption with mindful e-commerce design
Excessive consumption of unnecessary stuff is unquestionably one of the leading causes of climate change. And it’s not just the environment that suffers: the clutter we invite to our lives suffocates us.

We have enough, we don’t need more stuff. Yet whenever we visit an online store to buy one thing, we are encouraged to buy 3 more other things we didn’t intend to.

E-commerce sites are using persuasive design and nudging to push us to buy more things we don’t need. Think: “Only one left in stock. Hurry!” or ”Buy for $10 more to get free shipping”.

For a sustainable future, we must change how we design e-commerce. Instead of pushing our users to fill up their carts with excess stuff, we need to help them make intentional and mindful purchase decisions. 

So let’s discuss this problem space and discover Kind Commerce: a mindful approach to e-commerce design.

Anna is a UX Researcher in cyber security who spends a substantial amount of her free time on her passion project: Kind Commerce. Challenging pushy e-commerce design is for sure an uphill battle when the only thing companies want is to sell more stuff. That is why she is coming to UX Copenhagen, to talk to passionate and thoughtful designers, like yourself, to raise awareness and get more designers excited about advocating for an alternative approach toward e-commerce design. 

Besides her sustainability-related work, she is also active in building a local UX community in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Connect with Anna here:
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