Lisa Talia Moretti

Lisa Talia Moretti speaking at UX Copenhagen 2024
Tech Ethics for Practitioners

This workshop is an introduction to tools and ethical approaches to enable tech professionals to engage in critical discussion that will ultimately impact the design and deployment of technology products and services. This workshop is for all tech professionals, regardless of discipline or experience.

The workshop will support attendees to use tools that are informed by ideas from philosophy, psychology, sociology and anthropology. The workshop will:

  • Give a short overview of why ethical thinking and considerations are important in the tech industry

  • Introduce attendees to a set of ethical tools and frameworks that they can implement into their work

  • Share case studies so that tools can be implemented in the workshop and attendees can immediately apply learning

The focus of this workshop is to provide tech professionals with a practical skill set that can be used to minimise the likelihood of negative consequences occurring from our tech creations. The workshop will also help to frame positive outcomes and how we can aim to amplify these. 

With the prevalence of data-driven products and services that are becoming increasingly intelligent and automated, ethical thinking is a frontier skill set that needs to be developed if we hope to create responsible technology.

Lisa Talia Moretti is a Digital Sociologist with 15 years experience working across product and content design. In the last five years, she has gained experience in data governance and new methods of data collaboration through her roles at the Ministry of Justice (UK Government) and The Governance Lab. Over the last seven years, Lisa has worked on the creation of ethical frameworks across the private and public sector and is currently engaged in this work for an international airline organisation. 

Lisa is employed by AND Digital in the UK, is the Co-Chair of the BIMA AI Council and in 2020 was named one of Britain’s Top 100 people influencing the technology industry in the category Champions for Change. Her talk, “Technology is not a product, it’s a system”, is available for viewing on

We had Lisa on stage in 2023 with a brillian talk about Designing for Relationships, and are super excited to have her back in 2024 – this time with a workshop!

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