Idun Aune

Idun Aune speaking at UX Copenhagen 2024
How to integrate a planet-centric mindset in your design research
Traditionally, design is all about consumer desirability. We know by now that this has created some unintended consequences for people and the planet. In this talk, Idun Aune will share her two cents on how to review and reshape your research process in a planet-centric direction. 
Idun is lead planet-centric designer, heading the sustainability efforts for frog’s Norway studios and as a core member globally. She is a value-driven designer on a mission to use design as a tool to make a positive societal difference. Her background in sociology makes her navigate societal structures and interests from a holistic and systemic perspective. She’s worked in many industries, including healthcare, transportation and finance, and specializes in helping clients move to regenerative business models and a build a planet-centric culture. She is a key driver of sustainable and regenerative transition within frog and in the design industry as a whole, and has been part of the UX Copenhagen community since the very beginning.

Connect with Idun here: 
Podcast: If you want to warm up for the talk you can listen to this podcast episode:
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