Dan Maccarone

Dan Maccarone speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023
The Efficacy of the Peripheral: Adventures in the Life of a Fractional CPO
As the profession of product design has evolved over the past couple decades, the best practices of product design and process have evolved quite a bit. And they continue to do so. Many large and burgeoning companies usually go one of two routes: hiring a full time person to run their product (often at the C- or VP-level) or they outsource product design to an agency where they become one of many clients, who can easily become yes-people for client requests. But there is a third option that gives you the best of both worlds: the fractional leader. This is happening outside of product as well – with CEOs, CTOs, and in marketing as well. So, why not product? In this talk, Dan Maccarone will explore the success he has seen in factional product leadership, the art of building multiple internal teams at once, and how having a head of product who’s able to keep a peripheral view of what’s going on outside your company can keep you from getting too mired in the weeds and able to leverage experience that you may not otherwise have been aware of.
For the past 25 years, Dan has been helping startups and corporations shape their online product strategy, including Foursquare, Stocktwits, Rent The Runway, The Skimm, Blade and The Block. His experience also includes television, music and print media, and he has worked with The New York Times, CNN, Deutsche Bank, GE, Booking.com, Saturday Night Live, Universal Music and The Wall Street Journal. One of his most noted projects was creating the original strategy and user experience for Hulu.
Dan is the CEO of the product design studio, Charming Robot, and was the co-founder the design agency Hard Candy Shell. He is the host of the podcast Story in a Bottle and the author of Audible Original book The Barstool MBA. Dan received his Master’s Degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and his Bachelor of Arts from Colby College in English and Performing Arts.

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