Tobias Christian Jensen

Tobias Christian Jensen speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

WORKSHOP: The use of color in the Dark Ages

Each day, we will have 3-4 practical, 1.5 hour workshops to choose from after lunch. Tobias Christian Jensen, Accessibility Specialist with Siteimprove, will be the hosting “The use of color in the Dark Ages”. 

“What do medieval sculptors, Italian elections, and poorly stuffed lions have in common with digital design?

Color plays a quintessential role when we design. Yet we often struggle with using color in a way that makes our intentions clear to everyone and meets the requirements for inclusive design. In this session, we will take a trip through time and travel back as far as the 12th century to see what we can learn from those who came before us.”

Tobias Christian Jensen works with digital transformation at Siteimprove. His favorite project is to teach designers and developers how to craft digital products that work well for users of all abilities.


Connect with Tobias:
Twitter: @2biazdk
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