Lisa Talia Moretti

Lisa Talia Moretti speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023
Designing for relationships

When was the last time you helped someone do something online? Do you have any formal ‘authority’ in place? Perhaps you’re a parent or a guardian or have a power of attorney in place for your mum, dad or a grandparent.

Who would help you if you lost mental capacity or were no longer capable of making your own decisions all of the time? For the 55 million people living with dementia and the 10 million more who get diagnosed every year, getting support is not a random thought experiment (WHO, 2022). It’s their day-to-day reality.

Informal and formal support are a key feature of human life and as a result, our services should be flexible enough to cope with a supporter-in-tow on the other end of a screen, telephone or paper form. However, despite their everyday occurrence, supported journeys are often treated as outliers in service patterns; they’re not prioritised, poorly understood and under researched. Why do we make it so difficult for people to get the help they need? 

A lack of supported journeys isn’t just a design flaw. In some instances, their absence becomes outright service failure. 

In this talk, Lisa Talia Moretti will share lessons of being part of a multidisciplinary team looking to modernise the lasting power of attorney service in the UK. Her biggest insight? We need to design for relationships, not just users. 

Lisa is a Digital Sociologist and User Research Principal at AND Digital in the UK. Over the last 15 years she has worked as a researcher and strategist across service design, content and branding. 

She is an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths, Cardiff University and Plymouth University, and a Research Fellow at The Governance Lab. Lisa is also the Co-Chair of BIMA’s AI Council and the Sovrin Foundation’s Working Group on Guardianship. In 2020 Lisa was named as one of Britain’s 100 people who are shaping the British digital industry in the category Champion for Change


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