Jen Blatz

Jen Blatz, workshop host at UX Copenhagen 2022

In this live (albeit online) 1,5 hour workshop, Jen Blatz (along with Ashley Morgan), will be hosting a workshop that will walk you through how to instill a workshop culture in your organization to avoid common pitfalls. They will equip leaders and practitioners with tactical steps to move their organization away from traditional design critiques. They will discuss shifting towards a culture where everyone’s voice is equally considered, and stakeholders and cross-functional teams are engaged early and often in building the future experiences around the user’s needs. 

If you want to save your team’s time by avoiding rework, get work in front of your stakeholders earlier, and most importantly, improving your team’s morale, then you won’t want to miss this workshop!

Jen Blatz is a Lead User Experience Researcher and Designer with expertise that lends itself to any industry. Jen’s path to UX started in journalism and graphic design where she learned the importance of aesthetics, organization, and catering content for the consumer. She has worked in a number of fields including finance, mortgage, cloud storage, security and pet health.

Jen loves being active in the UX community to learn and grow while helping others do the same. She is the co-founder and president of the UX Research and Strategy group, a 501c3 organization, with an international presence with thousands of members and followers. She is the organizer of WIAD (World Information Architecture Day) locally, and speaker for several meetup groups and international conferences like UX Australia, Convey UX, IAC (Information Architecture Conference), UX New Zealand, UX Research and Insights Summit and more.

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