Videha Sharma, PhD, MRCS, BMBS

Videha Sharma speaking at UX Copenhagen 2024
Healthcare – how to consume less and live more

Healthcare systems around the world are under increasing pressure: aging population, disease complexity, workforce shortages – people are living longer, but often with greater suffering and poorer quality of life. The amount of healthcare delivery is going up, but are we ‘living more’?

We have made, and continue to make, great discoveries in healthcare, but the failures of health services today aren’t due to a lack of great scientific progress, but due to a lack of application of those discoveries. The healthcare industry remains poorly equipped to move from exploration to application.

Videha Sharma will be discussing two key messages with us:

– We need to think and work differently and embrace the role of experts outside of science and healthcare to realize the potential of innovation

– We need to continue to move towards preventative models of care

Implementing these will allow us to reduce the amount of healthcare consumption per individual, and across society, resulting in not just longer, but also healthier lives – shifting from ‘sick care’ to true ‘health care’.

In order to imagine a world where healthcare is seamless and focused on health rather than sickness, we need the field of UX and healthcare to come together even more!

Videha is the Clinical Innovation Lead for the Pankhurst Institute for Health Technology Research and Innovation at the University of Manchester. He has a PhD in Health Informatics and completed fellowships in Digital Health, Medical Leadership and Clinical Entrepreneurship. A surgeon by training, he now has a portfolio career spanning clinical medicine and health technology. He leads a range of projects across healthcare providers, academia and industry, aimed at impacting patient care by translating new and emerging innovations into clinical practice.

He is also the co-founder of Fava Health; an early-stage start-up providing digital services that help put pharmacogenetics into practice – unlocking the potential of personalized medicine at scale.

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