Dr. Michal Halperin-Ben Zvi

Dr. Michal Halperin-Ben Zvi speaking at UX Copenhagen 2024
Actionable, engaging, and unforgettable tips on increasing the engagement of 65+ segments
“More than 1 billion people over 60 live on this planet today. They are the fastest-growing category of e-commerce shoppers. Yet, despite goodwill, 2 in 5 feel that technology was not designed for them, and they are twice more likely to abandon a digital product- I believe we can change it.”
Dr. Michal Halperin-Ben Zvi is a seasoned expert working in the intersection between psychology and user experience. Her main area of expertise is in increasing the engagement of older users. She recently wrote a guide on this issue, and is a design strategist and UX researcher. Before getting a PhD in the psychology of aging, she went on a journey to India with her 86 year-old grandma, so she certainly has expertise in the area! 
With a proven track record of success, she has collaborated with health, banking, and government services, as well as industry giants like Microsoft, Wix.com, Medisafe, Simply, Moovit, and more, to increase conversion rates and engagement among older users. Best known as the author of the National Guide “LOG IN,” she set standards for inclusive design and led the way in creating impactful, age-friendly digital products.
Key take-aways from Michal’s talk:
  • Spotlighting the elements that need attention when considering UI, UX, and CX for older users.
  • How to create guidelines for age-friendly adjustment, and a deep understanding of the logic behind them, which will be demonstrated by various web and app elements that fail to work among older users and possible improvements.
  • Understanding the importance of the Third-age user-centered approach. 
TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE: https://uxcopenhagen.com/#tickets
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