Rolf Molich

Rolf Molich hosting a workshop at UX Copenhagen 2022

The Long and Winding Road to UX Paradise: Draining the UX Swamp

With this workshop, Rolf Molich tells the story of how Delta Market increased its understanding of and respect for UX, which significantly changed its company culture and increased its UX maturity.

Delta Market is a fictitious chain of more than 500 medium to large grocery stores. The talk describes the nine specific steps that Huxley, a new UX hire, took to move Delta Market from a low to a high UX maturity level. The talk describes Delta’s journey from developer-centred and complaint-driven design based solely on opinions to an organisation where UX work provides significant, measurable improvements in UX for customers and co-workers.

While Delta Market and Huxley, the UX Manager, are fictitious, both are based on the author’s extensive practical experience and discussions with many experienced UX professionals. The nine steps are easily adaptable to your organisation.


This workshop will teach you systematic and useful ways of gently nudging your organization’s culture towards understanding and implementing UX based on real world examples.

You will also learn

–  How to increase the UX awareness and UX maturity of your organization.

–  What “UX maturity” means.

–  Immediately applicable tips for increasing UX maturity.

Rolf Molich manages DialogDesign, a tiny Danish usability consultancy. He is vice president of the UXPA, which develops and maintains the CPUX-certification. One of the founding fathers of Usability (and later UX), he is the co-inventor of the heuristic evaluation method.

Recently, Rolf has used his extensive experience in UX management as a basis for a number of stories about life in UX organisations at low and high maturity levels.

In 2014, Rolf received the well-deserved UXPA Lifetime Achievement Award for his work on the Comparative Usability Evaluation project.

Watch Rolf Molich’s important talk about Ethics at UX Copenhagen 2018: 
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