Ashley Morgan

Ashley Morgan, workshop host at UX Copenhagen 2022

In this live (albeit online) 1,5 hour workshop, Ashley Morgan (along with Jen Blatz), will be hosting a workshop that will walk you through how to instill a workshop culture in your organization to avoid common pitfalls. They will equip leaders and practitioners with tactical steps to move their organization away from traditional design critiques. They will discuss shifting towards a culture where everyone’s voice is equally considered, and stakeholders and cross-functional teams are engaged early and often in building the future experiences around the user’s needs. 

If you want to save your team’s time by avoiding rework, get work in front of your stakeholders earlier, and most importantly, improving your team’s morale, then you won’t want to miss this workshop!

Ashley is a Senior Product Designer at Haven Servicing, an early startup. Before Haven, she worked for Rocket Mortgage, the largest mortgage lender in America. 

She works with design teams and individuals to help them shift from a traditional design critique culture towards a more inclusive and efficient workshop culture. She strategically implements curated workshops that improve engagement with stakeholders and other cross-functional teams. Ashley has over five years of experience leading, designing, and facilitating design workshops across both large enterprises and early stage startups.

When not leading the design world to a more efficient and inclusive way of life, you will find her spending time with family and friends on hiking trails around the country. Most recently, she just returned from spending a few days hiking the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire with her sister.

Connect with Ashley:
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