Cancan Wang

Cancan Wang speaking at UX Copenhagen 2022
Cancan Wang is an associate professor in Enterprise Systems and IT Governance in the Department of Business IT at the IT University of Copenhagen. Cancan holds a PhD in Information Systems from Copenhagen Business School, an MA in Applied Cultural Analysis from University of Copenhagen, a BA in Sociology, and a Minor education in Accounting from Fudan University.
Cancan investigates the governance, ethics, and regulation of the digital, especially those that are presented and implicated in global movements such as open data and green transition. She is particularly concerned with how people and organizations initiate and adapt to changes related to data, algorithms and the corresponding practices and infrastructures.
She advocates for a “REFlACT” approach to the digital related changes, which emphasizes interdisciplinarity and intervention in the cross-cutting space between
research and our daily life. Through her research work on the digital and their social impacts, she also cultivated her interest in understanding the relationship between technology, society, nature, and art. She is also an art critique, and has contributed to since 2019.
“Today, the digital such as data and algorithms has increasingly become a change agent or a center of critique in global movements like green transition and opposition to mass surveillance. How to initiate and adapt to these digital changes and how to embed ethics, diversity and responsibility in these changes become central issues when it comes to the survival and resilience of organizations.”
In her talk, “Co-Design Change Through the Digital: Governance and Culture of Organizations”, Cancan will discuss how governance and culture are two common approaches for organizations to initiate and adapt to digital changes. She will talk about the differences and relationships between the concepts of governance and culture, and illustrate how co-design can be used as an approach to steer practices of both through her recent experience trying to help Fintech Startups to work with green transitions.
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