Jane Ruffino

Jane Ruffino speaker and workshop host at UX Copenhagen 2022
Jane Ruffino will be joining UX Copenhagen this year with not only a talk, but also a half-day workshop that expands on her talk. Jane is a a content designer, UX content strategist, and UX writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a background in content strategy, UX writing, marketing, journalism, documentary, research, and archaeology, all different ways of connecting the human-behavior dots. She loves doing things with words that help people do things better!
Jane is also a passionate and experienced educator, and has 20 years of teaching and learning design experience. She has developed and taught courses for  Berghs School of Communication, the UX Design Institute, and for corporate and educational clients across the US and Europe. She is also the organizer of the Stockholm UX Writing and Content Design Meetup that run themed online events around important issues for content designers and UX writers.
A Form is a Problem, Not a Solution

As designers, we’re supposed to solve problems for users, but a form usually sits between the user and whatever they’re aiming to do; forms themselves are problems. Users are sick of creating accounts, filling out applications, signing up for newsletters, even just entering our phone numbers, and my god, every last one of us is completely tapped out of new password ideas. And that’s before we get to questions around privacy, agency, inclusion, and power. What data is being collected, for what, about whom, and for whom? Who can push back on decisions, and who can’t?

In this talk, content designer Jane Ruffino will argue that no matter who is responsible for the form design process (OK, it should be content designers), it’s hard to make forms better because forms aren’t about input fields, error messages, or progress bars, forms are about power.


This field is required: content design for human-centered forms  

Checkouts, booking, signups, applications: most of the web is made up of forms in various guises, so why don’t they get more love? As the intersection of design, development, and content, it can be challenging to decide who is most responsible for the work or the final output of the form. It’s a perfect storm, but also a perfect opportunity for a content designer to take the lead. 

In this workshop, content designer Jane Ruffino will show you how to design and write for forms in products and services. You’ll learn how to organize and label input fields, what device and interface considerations you need to think about, and how to understand data validation and error messages. Most importantly, we’ll cover critical questions around inclusion, accessibility, and privacy, as well as how to ask tough questions about why you’re collecting the information in the first place. 

Target audience:

Content designers and curious UXers 

Why this workshop? 

People are always looking for one-off workshops on content design, and I can so rarely offer them. Form design is useful in its own right, but it’s also a good way to cover a lot of the basics of content design in a hands-on way, in a short time. 

CONFERENCE TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE: https://uxcopenhagen.com/#tickets

Connect with Jane:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jane-ruffino-ab490158/

Twitter: @janeruffino

Instagram: @janeruffino

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