Workshop (virtual) on March 31st “This field is required: content design for human-centered forms” with Jane Ruffino

DKK 2,500.00 ex. vat

This Field is Required: Content Design for Human-Centered Forms, Thursday, March 31st at 2-6pm CEST

In this half-day, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to design and write for forms in products and services. You’ll learn how to organize and label input fields, what device and interface considerations you need to think about, and how to understand data validation and error messages. Most importantly, we’ll cover critical questions around inclusion, accessibility, and privacy, as well as how to ask tough questions about why you’re collecting the information in the first place.

Target audience:

Content designers and curious UXers

Why this workshop?

People are always looking for one-off workshops on content design, and I can so rarely offer them. Form design is useful in its own right, but it’s also a good way to cover a lot of the basics of content design in a hands-on way, in a short time.

Read more about Jane here:

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