Demi Daniels and Rachael Edwards

Rachael Edwards and Demi Daniels speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023
Workshop: Unlock the hidden power of inclusive content
Your words matter. In this content design-focused workshop, you’ll learn how to write for real people and create better user journeys though the hidden power of inclusive language. The workshop is presented to you by Rachael Edwards and Demi Daniels of Auto Trader UK.
Rachael Edwards is a content designer from Manchester, United Kingdom. Combining a lifelong love of writing and a passion for accessibility and user-centred design, Rachael is on a mission to simplify as much complex content as she can get her hands on.


With a background in SEO content writing and conversion rate optimisation, Rachael made the switch to UX after discovering just how much impact the right content can have on user experience. Now working at Auto Trader UK, she is an active member of the company’s Accessibility Working Group, where she helps run training workshops that spread the word about the importance of inclusive content and using plain English.

Demi Daniels is a teacher-turned-content designer, originally from the United States. She is living in Manchester, United Kingdom and working at Auto Trader UK. She believes her experiences of hospitality work, teaching, and living overseas help shaped her empathetic mindset, allowing her to put users at the front of her mind.
Demi believes that a great digital experience relies on the bond between copy and design. She strives to give users the experience to make it feel like they are talking with a friend about a complex subject, by crafting easy to understand language. She’s an active member of the Accessibility Working Group at Auto Trader and enjoys sharing what she knows and learning from others.


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