David de Léon

David de Léon speaking at UX Copenhagen 2023

The Gentle Art of Design Feedback

One of the quickest ways of levelling up as a designer is to become a master at asking for and making use of feedback. To be able to do so, we have to lower our defences and lean into the process. In this talk, David will teach the audience a number of Jedi mind tricks for how to get the most out of feedback, without bruising your ego, and whilst having fun in the process. At the end of the talk, he promises that you will be at least 10% better as a designer. Not a bad way to spend 30 minutes!

David de Léon is a designer with 25 years of academic and industry experience. You can tell by his hair and beard that he has been doing it for a while. At the start of his industry career, David worked a decade for Sony Ericsson with design and innovation of mobile phone interfaces. Towards the end of his tenure at Sony, he would review all the design output produced each week by the UX teams in Sweden, Japan and China. It was then that he became deeply interested in the factors that contribute to effective and impactful design feedback.
Since then, he has worked at inUse, one of Sweden’s premiere design consultancies, as a Director of UX Design, supporting clients with strategy, research and innovation, and coaching his colleagues across the company. He has recently ventured out into the world as a freelance designer, researcher, strategist and educator.
David has a PhD in cognitive science and has taught and lectured about design for both academia and industry, most recently for IKEA, Google and Ericsson.
In his free time, David reads philosophy, psychology and science fiction, performs magic, writes essays and books, plays with his wife, chats with his kids, and naps on the sofa.
His most recent book is “The shortest book about creativity that I could write.” His forthcoming book, to be published later this years is “The gentle art of design critique”.
TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE: https://uxcopenhagen.com/#tickets
Information about what David is currently up to, links to essays and side projects, as well as digital means of getting in touch, can all be found at: http://daviddeleon.se/
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