Claudel Rheault

Claudel Rheault speaking at UX Copenhagen 2022
With a background in communication studies and interaction design, Claudel Rheault is a user experience researcher focused on human-AI interactions. Her research areas include human in the loop systems, trust building with AI tools and human-centered product development.
Over the past 7 years, Claudel has worked in startups and design agencies, helping build technologies and tools for a range of industries, always keeping the problem to solve at the core of development.
Together with Ivy Ndungi, Claudel will be hosting the talk: 


Designing for users that live in a very different reality than your development teams presents a series of challenges that are particularly unique, and require a creative approach to user research. At Sama, we are building AI tools for data labeling, and most of our users are just starting their digital literacy journey. So how do we make sure their voices are integrated all along product development, and that the product allows them to learn on the way? This talk will explore some strategies and tangible examples of what methods we’ve seen work with our users. It will also deconstruct some of the assumptions our product team were making and how to create more meaningful bridges between developers and end users as we build products.

This dynamic duo of UX researchers from Nairobi and Montreal will share some tips on how to create an inclusive and mindful space for users to be heard, and make sure they play an important role as co-creators.

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