Andreea Popescu

Andreea Popescu speaking at UX Copenhagen 2024
Encouraging excessive shopping through mobile applications
Our role as user experience designers is to help users to have a pleasant experience while using a digital product, offering, at the same time, an answer or a solution to a need.
In the last couple of years, while the technology advancement had a boom, the companies started to change their vision; alongside them, people’s behavior also began to change. Nowadays, preferences, habits, and psychological triggers fuel impulsive buying tendencies, and many mobile applications encourage this affecting, in the long term, not just how people behave but also the increasing consumerism.
Some consequences of encouraging excessive shopping through digital applications raise ethical concerns, as some users may fall into a pattern of compulsive buying, leading to financial strain and adverse mental health effects. But how can we, as professionals, can start helping people to decrease this behavior? How can we influence people to change their behavior and be aware that a harmless “add to the basket” can cause more harm in the long run?
There are answers to these questions that we can translate into tasks to perform.
Andreea Popescu from Romania, is a UX Designer, Product Manager, and Mentor, with over 8 years of experience. This talk is based on her own research project, fueled by a passion for trying to be more sustainable in her everyday life. 
Connect with Andreea here:
Twitter: @andreea_popescu
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