Thorsten Jonas

Thorsten Jonas speaking at UX Copenhagen 2022

The great polar explorer Robert Swan once said: „The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.“ But what can we as UX Designers do to drive sustainability? We all know this feeling of having the best ambitions, having the will to change things – and then getting stuck in our daily routines, lacking practical tools and methods to use in our daily work, to change habits and to drive change. 

In 2021, a large group of designers held their first meeting and started working on creating SUX – The Sustainable UX Playbook. It took place one year ago here (virtually), at UX Copenhagen. The idea was born to create a practical toolset together with the design community that helps designers to drive and facilitate sustainability in their daily work. 

By November 2021, more than 100 designers from all over the world started working in a series of group workshops to create ideas and tools based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And in March 2022, we are going to launch SUX to the Public.  

Thorsten Jonas will present the SUX – The Sustainable UX Playbook, and guide you on how YOU can drive sustainability in your daily work. He will also talk about how the main drivers behind SUX coordinated more than 100 people from all over the world working together, and will give you a glimpse on the next chapters of the SUX initiative.






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