Silvia Podestá

Silvia Podestá speaking at UX Copenhagen 2022

Silvia Podestá is an experienced strategic designer and UX specialist with a mixed-bag professional background. 

Her work and research focus on the intersection of design, branding and marketing; on digital transformation; and on human behavior on digital touchpoints. As an independent researcher, she investigates on the cultural issues underpinning organizational dynamics, and on the delicate interplay between business and design.
In her talk, “Design will never matter (unless we uproot these four major sins)”, Silvia aims to prompt reflection and debate on what hinders a broader recognition of design as an agent of change within companies. Drawing from data from the Design Thinking Observatory at Politecnico di Milano, as well as from hands-on experience with companies of all sorts and from different experts’ perspectives, she will outline some major sins that prevent design from taking a significant part in companies’ decisional processes.
She will discuss subtopics like elitsm, narcissism, skepticism and opportunism, that can be found both within the design community and professed human-centered companies. 
The talk is mainly intended at raising awareness about the status quo of both business and design culture after the Pandemic. Leveraging on field insights, she will identify where the communication between the two is still fractured, providing suggestions for possible trajectories of cultural change in both domains that can pave the way for a better and truer synergy.





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