Qingyue Li

Qingyue Li speaking at UX Copenhagen 2024

Joy in the Age of Degrowth: Visualizing Sustainable Happiness Beyond Consumption 

In an era increasingly defined by consumption, this workshop will explore the visualization of sustainable happiness. It adeptly combines data-driven techniques with user experience methodologies.

The challenge lies in embedding happiness — an inherently subjective and abstract emotion — into information design with a UX approach.

This workshop’s core extends beyond the mere representation of happiness; it dives deep into understanding its sustainability outside the bounds of traditional markers. As more people in our society veer away from materialistic consumption, recognizing and championing innate, lasting sources of happiness is crucial. By fusing data-derived knowledge with empathetic design principles, we’re prompted to help people surrounding us reconsider and reshape our understanding of joy.

Qingyue’s experiences, having grown up in Beijing and living worldwide for over a decade, have driven her desire to use data and design to understand the diverse ways in which people find happiness in today’s world. She has lived in Seattle, Washington (USA) for over a decade, and works as a UX Designer. Qingyue has a background in Information Design and Data Visualization. 

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