Workshop (on-site) on March 27th “Design Leadership: The problematic intersection of UX design with organizational design” with Catherine Hills

kr. 5,000.00 ex. vat

Design Leadership workshop with Catherine Hills on Monday, March 27, 2023, at 9:30am – 4pm CEST

In this full-day, hands-on workshop, you’ll leave with practical outcomes:
Designers will learn how to come up with strategies in leadership. The will learn how to navigate the challenges of UX and Organisational Design, and how to further engage and partner through their professional and stakeholder networks within these organisations to better harness and influence positive outcomes for those they design for and with, as well as the organisations they serve.  

Key concepts that will be covered in this workshop, which is an expansion of her talk at UX Copenhagen 2023: 

  • Testing maturity – how influence and design maturity in organizations is interactive
  • How to create change readiness in the conversation around design
  • Ways to create engagement to help organisations be with you on the journey
  • Methods to utilise your discoveries and recommendations so key outcomes of the work are not lost or wasted
  • Approaches to take with your stakeholder partners 
  • How to build influence to provide mechanisms so that outcomes create actions that are suitable and timely

Read more about Catherine here:

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