Maggie Jandová

Maggie Jandová speaking at UX Copenhagen 2022

Maggie Jandová is a UX designer who loves to motivate and inspire others to think differently. Coming from the graphic design field, her career start was not an easy path, but one full of growth and finding her own voice. She uses that experience to guide other starting designers and continues the never-ending self-development journey through her podcast “Friends don’t say”.

Currently, Maggie works at, where the idea of Innovation Lab first came up.
During a brainstorming session that was part of the Product hiring process, the team realized candidates often jump to solutions without fully unpacking the problem first. Together with her colleagues, she created a game that aims to bring people together to explore problems we usually don’t think about. While the initiative started as a game, the same structure could be used for in-house workshops.

“We don’t always have the time or space to think outside the box. Our brain is wired to find solutions fast, which can prevent us from being more creative. When I started to look for games that tackle problem-solving, I realized there were none. There are many ‘exercises’ but not a single game. That’s a real pity; why not have more fun with it and treat it as a game rather than a school assignment.”

In the workshop, Maggie will talk about creativity, how the hiring process can be fun and will give a demo of the Innovation Lab game. The workshop is intended for anyone looking for ways to spark creativity, improve their problem-solving skills and do things differently.

Connect with Maggie:
Podcast: Friends don’t say

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