Aurora Melchor
Aurora Melchor

About The Speaker

Aurora first got into UX through experiencing enormous struggles designing complex GUIs as a developer at university. After several years in consulting and startups, she is currently freelancing as a UX Designer for Amnesty International, where she has been inspired about the power of stories as a tool for change. In her free time, she is an illustrator and has participated in several comic anthologies as well as working as a visual scribe at conferences. 

About The Workshop “Storytelling techniques to build empathy in teams”

The UX Designer knows the user best. It’s in the job description. Other team members might not necessarily ever talk to the users. This means that the UX Designer could see potential ethical, behavioural or usability problems before anybody else. Normally, what follows is the UX Designer spending a considerable amount of time communicating, discussing and sometimes even arguing about these findings with various other members of the team. 

The value of storytelling to convey complex ideas in a product has been widely discussed, but stories can also be used as to leverage communication at internal team workshops and other rituals. Stories are a powerful tool to generate empathy with the user and to align a team, because, after all, what is the value of doing a lot of research if you can’t convince anybody in your team?
Join me to understand the basic principles of a story and learn techniques that you can apply in your practice. We will discuss different types of story structures, practice some storytelling and I will provide practical examples of team situations that can benefit from storytelling.

Slides from Aurora’s workshop are available here:

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