Aurora Melchor

Aurora Melchor speaking at UX Copenhagen 2022
As a multi-disciplinary designer, Aurora is passionate about the capabilities of design to help solve problems in the space of climate change and sustainability.
She has worked as a UX designer and front-end developer for companies such as Amnesty International and ThoughtWorks, where she focused on building digital products and services. Recently, she’s trying her hand as an Employee Experience designer, and applying her toolset of user-entered design methods for solving the internal challenges of growing a young company.

At UX Copenhagen, Aurora will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of having a company with strong values and present a case study from her experience of working for a startup growing at a fast-pace.

“All companies have their own culture, whether that is intentional or not. Values are the cornerstones of organisational culture, and by defining them, we delimitate our choice of who we want to bring in or keep out of our company. For this reason, it is very important that they are defined and used thoughtfully.”
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