Per Axbom UX Copenhagen 2020
Per Axbom UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Per Axbom desires to make tech safe and compassionate through reflective reasoning, human-considerate design, coaching and teaching. He has been working with national health-related services since 2011, as a professional with digital design since 1996, and as a human with computers since 1982. His drive for ethics made him write the Digital Compassion handbook.


About the talk “First, Design No Harm (What Design Can Learn From Medical Ethics)” 

During his work with the handbook “Digital Compassion”, and related workshops that he hosts, Per has often come across misconceptions about how an ethical mindset constrains innovation and creativity. But he has found that on the contrary, even medical ethics encourages risk-taking, and innovation in the field is booming.

What design can learn from medical ethics relates to:

  • Not treating all users the same
  • Taking risks with the expressed consent of the users
  • Allowing the autonomy of people to make conscious, bad decisions (!)
  • Being transparent about the unknown
  • Understanding the difference between avoiding harm and contributing to well-being
  • Setting up the process and mechanisms that allow specialists from different fields to weigh in on choosing a path that is ethically sound, even when that path carries a risk of failure

The field of medical ethics has evolved for thousands of years. Per’s talk will take all of these (and more) aspects into account, and show how digital design can keep innovating in unison with ethics, instead of assuming a conflict with innovation that is more imagined than real.