Kathleen Asjes

About The Speaker

Kathleen is Head of User Research at Schibsted Media, driving research for the product development of the largest online newspapers in Sweden and Norway. She is a Dutch national currently based in Stockholm and has worked with UX research for over a decade. Her broad interest in the interactions between people and technology has informed the variety of her work experience, from research for the development of accessible music services to document management systems for offshore engineers. Her main aim with UX research is not so much understanding end users, but mostly having an impact on product development teams by encouraging them to learn about their audience.

About The Talk 

How do you ask people for permission to share their personal data? How can you ensure that people trust you to store this information in a safe way? What do you need to do to make sure they understand what they are consenting to when you ask them for permission? Many companies and designers struggled with these challenges while preparing to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) during 2018. 
Kathleen and Mikaela will talk you through their experience in carrying out GDPR-related research for Aftonbladet, the largest online newspaper in Sweden. This specific case study dives into the research they applied to discover the best insights on consent and privacy, as well as the considerations the designers at Schibsted had while designing for their users as well as European regulation compliance.