Jonas Wenke
Jonas Wenke

About The Speaker

Jonas Wenke is service designer and co-founder of 33A. In his daily work, he leads AI-Design Sprints for companies that range from early-stage startups to large, international companies. His expertise is in the creation of design processes, tools, and facilitation. He helps make the broad potential of AI understandable, and helps empower regular people to start applying AI to their businesses. Learn more about 33A on the homepage

About The Workshop “AI-Design Sprint

In this  workshop with Jonas Wenke and Mike Brandt, experience the AI-Design Sprint: A co-creation tool that helps develop AI applications with the client, and helps them gain an overview over the potential of AI.

The AI-Design Sprint is based on Google Venture’s proven Design Sprint methodology. The only difference is that it is condensed into an intense, few hour long session, and that it focuses on AI. The purpose is to explore how AI potentially can transform organizations and figure out ‘what’ to build, not just ‘how’ to do it. This is the very first step in applying AI to your business.

You will work hands-on, and you will work in teams. You will experience design tools like the AI-Design Sprint Canvas and the AI-Card Deck. You will work in the fashion industry as an example because we can all relate to fashion and fashion is fun! It is an easy and fun way to get familiar with the AI-Design Sprint process and tools.

We believe that AI is the superpower, that enables to do almost anything, except teleportation. With AI you can supercharge your products and processes and deliver waaaaaay more value. We believe that business leaders should be able to make decisions regarding AI application for their business themselves! The AI-Design Sprint is the tool to do that. At the AI-Design Sprint, you will develop new AI-based services.