Gry Hasselbalch, Data Ethics, Research and Expert Knowledge Intersecting Tech & Society at Mediamocracy

Gry Hasselbalch, Data Ethics, Research and Expert Knowledge Intersecting Tech & Society at Mediamocracy

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: What is the Designer’s Role?

The session will generate discussion on how these autonomous and intelligent technologies can be aligned with the moral values and ethical principles of human beings.

The influence of AI on our daily life is exploding in these days. AI is changing from making computers faster calculators to deep learning. We now just give the computer a purpose “please do ….”. Then the computer collects information, observe situations, analyses patterns of behavior and solve problems by itself as they show up. The results are amazing and sometimes, also deeply problematic. When computers make decisions for us, we depend on the data that feed computers are correct to avoid bias and that the algorithms behind are beneficial to us. It might not be the big thing when Netflix suggests what we should see next, but when the bank denies you a house loan or your news stream does not give you the full political picture, then suddenly we are challenged on economy and democracy.

The real problem is that as ordinary citizens we do not have a chance to see through the logic of these decisions and defend ourselves against incorrect results. Neither can lawyers or journalists.

At another level autonomous cars and autonomous weapons systems might change the world. Again engineers play a role in developing new possibilities – and preventing catastrophes. This underlines the importance of designers playing a role in the discussions of ethic challenges. It is no longer an issue reserved for humanists, people with technical insight are needed too.

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