Jay Meissner

About The Speaker

Jay is a Metalhead working on Adobe XD. Prior to joining Adobe, he designed and developed complex web apps and human friendly enterprise workflows with his own software company. In his spare time Jay builds his own furniture. He runs IxDA Berlin and http://OpenDeviceLab.com, a nonprofit helping to establish and promote Open Device Labs to ultimately help the web and user experience forward. Follow Jay on Twitter at https://twitter.com/klick_ass.

About The Talk “Adopt an Unknown Unknown”

When designing for emerging technologies like AR, VR, Voice and AI, we tap deep into fundamental issues of trust, communication and human relationships.

In times where democracy and decency are under threat all over the world, the current backlash against tech giants strongly suggests that design has happily disregarded a few crucial blind spots for too long.

We are supposed to be experts at the intersection of the humanities and technology, but do we actually realize our impact and apply this to our responsibility? Do we ever go beyond the surface of “how does it work”, to ask ourselves “is it good”?

In this thought-provoking talk, Jay Meissner challenges predominant ideologies that are as much a threat to the design industry as to our planet. He explains why transparency, designing for trust and attempting to predict the future could be the way forward to prevent history from repeating itself.