About The Speaker

Tim Daniel Hansen is Co-Founder of Droids Agency, which is part of the Danish Center for Applied Artificial
Intelligence (Dansk.AI). Tim has worked with digital concepts, UX and system development for over 10 years. In recent years, his focus has increasingly been on new intelligent technologies for automation such as AI and Chat Bots. Tim has given presentations and key notes at various conferences and seminars about the future of intelligent technologies.


About The Talk 

You have been told repeatedly that your design should be human-centered. So of course, you design with focus on the people who need to your service or product. In the world of designers, the users are Kings and Queens. This all sounds appealing and ideal, but what happens  when it turns out that your users are crazy kings and queens empowered with intelligent technology?

In this talk, we’ll discuss the dark side of putting the user first in the quest for designing what satisfies us human beings. Specifically, we will talk about how AI radically changes human interaction with technology from simple convenience to something complex that you can have an actual personal relationship with. We will discuss the ethical dilemmas that arise when humans start “friendships” and sexual relations with androids. Finally, we will discuss what the design community can or should do to influence the development of intelligent technologies.


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