About The Speaker

Teo Choong Ching is a visual storyteller and designer who has been part of the RakutenViki Singapore team for 3 years. He works closely with the UX Design Lead and UX Researchers and has been in the UX field for almost 10 years.

Teo is also an active blogger has explored topics like “The Concept of presence in VR”, “The Types of Cognitive Biases that You Need to be aware of as a Researcher” and “Notes on Web Accessibility” to name a few. Read more here


The Workshop

How can we create a better collaborative between a team of designers and non-designers? One of the best ways to share our ideas across the team is through a group activity called Sketchstorming. Not only does sketchstorming allow us to build a better understanding of the problems, but it also helps the team to quickly uncover potential solutions before deep diving into details. In other words, it keeps everyone on the same page right from the start!

We hope this fun, interactive session gives you new perspectives and tools that you can apply to your projects.

This workshop will cover:
– Intro and frameworks of Sketchstorming
– The do’s and don’ts
– Warm-up
– Sketching techniques and tips
– Group exercises (With given design challenges)
– Results sharing sessions
– Reflection

Who should attend?
This workshop is ideal for people who are trying to:
– Facilitate an effective Sketchstorming session.
– Enable their team to be more inclusive and collaborative. (Learn and understand various goals and perspective of other stakeholders)
– Enhance their current design workflow and approaches to solving problems.
– Build their confidence in visual thinking and idea sharing.

– Hands-on tips and techniques for facilitating an effective Sketchstorming.
– Tips based on real-world examples and at the same time, enable you and your team to communicate and collaborate faster.

*(Pens and sketching papers provided, but feel free to bring your own. All skill levels are welcome and no previous drawing skills are needed!)

Slides from Teo’s workshop are available HERE. 

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