For UX Copenhagen® 2021, we will be hosting a giant co-design event on Sustainable UX

– This isn’t just another Design Manifesto

The point of this exercise is to get started on defining a Sustainable UX Toolset; a “How To Get Things Done” manifesto. It’s going to be an ongoing process that we encourage you to continue working on in your groups at regular intervals after the conference.

Once it’s safe to meet again, we’ll try to put together a 48-hour workshop/camp, where we can all work on the final details of the Toolset.

The co-design event starts on the evening of day 1, March 25th. After a short introduction by the Sustainable UX Team*, we’ll ask you all to brainstorm about what you’d like to achieve with this, and which subjects you’d like to work with. Once these have been defined, we’ll break out into smaller workshop groups. Each group will be moderated.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic evening together with you all!

*The team consists of:
Thorsten Jonas, UX Lead & 2021 speaker
Lone Ørum, UX Copenhagen® 2021 graphical design and strategic planning
Aurika Pedersen, UX Copenhagen® 2021 strategic planning
Helle Martens, UX Copenhagen® 2021 boss lady
Bavo Lodewyckx, UX Designer/Strategist at icapps, Antwerp
Chris Stark, Principal Product Design/UX Director SinnerSchrader, Munich