Tina Klemmensen at UX Copenhagen 2021
Tina Klemmensen at UX Copenhagen 2021

About the talk “Using Commoning to Engage and Empower the Common Citizen”

Tina Klemmensen, a self-employed designer was on the look out for a new hobby. Or maybe it was new social relationships she was after? She knew she wanted to work with her hands, take up a craft and preferably together with people she liked.
Two years on, she is the chairman of the entity “Repair Cafe” where people can go to have their computers fixed, their favorite torn jeans mended, or their coffee machine repaired. And she is not alone; about 20 volunteers donate their time and skills to not only help people, but also to teach them how to mend their favorite stuff and make it last longer instead of just throwing it out.
It’s good for the environment, good for sharing knowledge and passing it on to the younger generations, and good for making new and strong relations.

About the Speaker

Tina has a background in Illustration, and later moved on to puppeteering with plasticine. She worked on productions like the “Chicken Run” movie and the animated Postman Pat series, and now uses her talent with clay doing talks and running hands-on workshops using stop motion animation as a tool to improve communication. She calls this process “Tangible Telling”.

Serial entrepreneur Tina has had her own consultancy since 2006, and in 2019, she was on TEDx Vitosha in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Website: https://www.tina-klemmensen.dk/da
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinaklemmensen/