Thorsten Jonas at UX Copenhagen 2021
Thorsten Jonas at UX Copenhagen 2021

About The Talk “The UX of Burnout”

Thorsten’s talk is about his personal journey through a burnout, what his creativity had to do with the burnout, and how his creative toolset helped him through it. Thorsten’s experience and “UX’ing” his way through it has given him some tools to help others realize they’re on the way to burnout and how they can avoid it. 
Mental health is still a subject we need to talk much more about, maybe especially in the creative world. 
You can hear more about Thorsten’s talk on episode 6 of “Conversations With UX Copenhagen” on our YouTube channel:

About The Speaker

Strategic UX Consultant and interim UX Lead Thorsten Jonas has fifteen years of experience. In the field of UX, Product Design and Strategy. Supporting clients to create meaningful products, platforms and experiences. He has worked with clients like ZDF, TUI Cruises, Red Bull, ARD, NZZ, Intel, Tagesschau and TV Spielfilm. 

Thorsten believes that a holistic approach is the secret to the creation of successful products. Therefore UX being one of the key factors. He works in the intersection of Design, Product, Tech and Business. “As UX, Design and Product people have the responsibility to make tech accessible to everyone. By creating a world where tech helps humans to live a delightful & meaningful life. We have to move from human centered design to a humanity and environmental centered design approach.”

Besides mentoring junior UX professionals, Thorsten also coaches and facilitates Sustainable UX and Mental Health for Creatives.

To hear Jonas Thorsten speak about “The UX of Burnout” purchase your ticket to UX Copenhagen 2021  HERE or reach out to Thorsten @dolbydigger to hear more about the topic of a burnout.