Scot and Susan Westwater at UX Copenhagen 2021
Scot and Susan Westwater at UX Copenhagen 2021

About the talk “Creating Useful and Usable Voice Experiences”

Combining deep business acumen with unmatched Voice experience, Pragmatic Digital helps Marketing, Branding, and Customer Experience executives take advantage of the incredible opportunity Voice represents. Unlike Voice marketing agencies that focus on tactical Voice apps and then leave you to manage them, Pragmatic Digital helps you focus on Voice strategy that works so your brand ends up on the winning side. The next technology revolution has already started.


About the Speakers

Susan and Scot Westwater are the husband-and-wife co-founders of Pragmatic Digital where they advise the world’s most innovative brands that want to capitalize on the incredible opportunity Voice represents. Through their consultancy, Susan and Scot help clients solve their marketing and customer experiences problems using customer-centric approaches to plan and create useful and usable Voice experiences for their audiences.


They have presented and authored a number of talks, workshops, articles, and ebooks focused on the role Voice technology plays in marketing and business strategy. Together, they authored the book Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Voice Experiences, and they are working on a second book titled Voice Marketing, which will be released in Spring 2022.


Susan and Scot are also co-founders of Voice Masters, an online education program designed to teach innovative business teams about Voice and Voice strategy, as well as Ambassadors for the Open Voice Network, and instructors for the Marketing AI Institute AI Academy. They both were recognized in Voicebot’s Top 68 Leaders in Voice 2020 and Scot was recently included in Sound Hound’s “Top 40 Voice AI Influencers to Follow on Twitter.”


Incidentally, Helle Martens’ initial conversation with Susan and Scot is what inspired her to start the “Conversations With UX Copenhagen” series!


Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Voice Experiences
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