Nisha Shetty at UX Copenhagen 2021
Nisha Shetty at UX Copenhagen 2021

About The Talk “Green UX for a Green World”

Nisha intends to discuss the need of the hour – Sustainability and how designers can inculcate Green UX practices in their day-to-day life.
The premise includes how the technology is useful but still acts as a threat to the very place we live.Here, she introduces a solution with Green UX. Nisha will also put forward ways in which designer can adopt some practices and help designer to contribute to the environment in smaller way. Her way of inculcating is adding accessibility as well as different ways of performance optimization in design.
Nisha believes it’s not one person effort, but that everyone in unison that can bring about global change. While she explains here ways to bring about this change, she will also be open to understand your take on the subject. This entire session will help the audience in building comprehension, application and advocating Green UX around them.
You can hear more about Nisha’s talk on episode 3 of “Conversations With UX Copenhagen” on our YouTube channel:


About The Speaker

Nisha Shankar Shetty is a UX designer from India with seven years of experience. Nisha has worked with strategy, research, design, and development know-how. She is currently Technical Lead UX with HCL Software (HCL Technologies) in their Center of Excellence team.

With a background in Information technology, Nisha uses her technical knowledge to strategise and conceptualize the best experiences for the end user.  She has worked for companies like Google, Cisco, GE, Intuit, Vodafone, Karbonn, and Micromaxx.

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