Erin Gallup and Idun Aune at UX Copenhagen 2021
Erin Gallup and Idun Aune at UX Copenhagen 2021

About the talk “Turn Climate Anxiety into Climate Action”

As we follow the difficult news about our planet in the climate crisis, it is easy to become paralyzed by anxiety, especially when we feel small and our day jobs take up most of our attention. But as designers we have superpowers- from the ability to materialize a vision to the ability to co-create with others to the ability to figure out the logic of how to make the planet a stakeholder in our work. In short, designers have the potential to greatly accelerate climate action.

In this talk, two ambassadors of The Hive Initiative, a group dedicated to growing and supporting a global climate action workforce, will introduce the initiative and then give examples of how planet-centric design and cross-company collaboration have changed the places they work to become engines of climate action.

About the Speakers

Erin Gallup is a digital product designer at NoA Ignite and is also the co-founder and leader of The Hive Initiative. Based in Oslo, she is working to empower people to proactively take climate action in their jobs and get support, recognition and visibility for their efforts. In addition to managing the initiative, she also writes articles on sustainability.

Idun Aune is a systems-oriented service designer working at the global design agency Idean. With a background in sociology, she is passionate about creating planet-centric experiences by addressing the unintended consequences of design from strategic level. At Idean, she leads the global work of planet centric designers, and outside work she is a chapter rep for SDN and a proud ambassador of the Hive.

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