Helle Jensen at UX Copenhagen 2021
Helle Jensen at UX Copenhagen 2021

About the talk “The Good, the Bad, and the Commoning”

There is nothing better than shared purpose, shared values and value created for all involved. But how does that actually work? You all have heard of community gardens, co-ops and other community-based initiatives where people come together, put in an effort and everyone get an output. But how can that work digitally? DOES it work?

When everything we build digitally has some sort of commercial angle or way to create more value for the organisation building it, is it then true commoning? Or is commoning in the digital world quickly on its way to becoming the next greenwashing fad?

In this talk, Helle will give examples of good, bad and unexpected angles on commoning in a digital context. You might be a part of it already without even knowing it. Helle will discuss whether commercial commoning is actually commoning or just a fancy loyalty scheme and if psychological commoning is a trick or a treat.

You will not get a fail-safe recipe for working with commoning in your next digital project, but you will definitely get better at trying to work consciously with it or at least get inspired to further explore what it could mean for you and the projects you work on.

About the Speaker

Helle Jensen is Experience Director at Valtech Denmark and has worked with digital products for a range of different business types over that past ten years.

With a background in UX and branching out into CX and business, she works with large International brands to build everything from ecommerce to digital services. Taking the perspective from the agency-side of UX and CX, she often seeks to answer the question “what value does this bring to the client? And can we sell this?” (Answers should be “lots” and “yes”).