Hany Rizk at UX Copenhagen 2021
Hany Rizk at UX Copenhagen 2021

About the workshop “Can Design Save a Collapsing Country?”

Experience Strategist Hany Rizk will be giving a hands-on, live workshop Can design save a collapsing country?

“My home country of Lebanon is on the brink of collapse. It has been on a downward slope for over a decade, but that has escalated into a free fall these past couple of years. If design thinking is all about turning challenges into opportunities, can it help a struggling community persevere and make up for a lack of proper governance?”

About the Speaker

Hany Rizk runs No BS, an innovation studio that helps companies create meaningful products & services, and deliver mindful customer & user experiences.

Hany has over 10 years of experience in designing, managing, and launching products and services for various startups, large companies, and organisations operating in different industries, namely Mobility, Health Tech, Food Tech, Crypto, and Media. He co-founded a startup called Somuchmore that was later acquired by Urban Sports Club, and has  also worked on innovation and experience strategy for future mobility at Volkswagen.

Other than being an independent Design Expert for Adobe XD, he is a UN implementation partner for Sustainable Innovation, speaker, and startup mentor – and Hany loves playing the piano!