Gretchen Anderson at UX Copenhagen 2021
Gretchen Anderson at UX Copenhagen 2021

About The Talk “Secrets of Successful Collaboration”

The talk will focus on practical, tangible ways to make working together less painful and more productive.  Gretchen won’t only be talking about collaboration, but also about building trust, and about human behavior. She will be sharing some great insights with us from her experiences.
You can hear more about Gretchen’s talk on episode 3 of “Conversations With UX Copenhagen” on our YouTube channel:

About The Speaker

Gretchen is an author, design leader, and independent designer and coach. She helps teams collaborate productively , develop sound product strategy and identify new opportunity areas for products and services. Recently she wrote “Mastering Collaboration” about how we can work better together and “Design for Social Impact” about how we can design for good. If you are interested hearing more about how collaboration works, and what you can do to support it – visit Gretchen’s website
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