Lone Ørum at UX Copenhagen 2021
Lone Ørum at UX Copenhagen 2021

About the talk “Fake Door – a PREtotyping Technique”

This talk is about using “Fake Door” pretotyping techniques to get as close to the users/customers as possible, and at the same time keeping costs low. It’s all about failing fast and getting REAL user/costumer experiences. Lone has extensive experience with creating Fake Doors, and will talk about it from at UX point of view.

About the Speaker

Lone Ørum is Senior UX designer. The U in User Experience is her fuel. She is all about creating digital user-centric solutions, and solving real customer problems. She is a big advocate for user involvement right from the start and throughout the development process.
Lone is also designer of all the wonderfully colorful graphics for UX Copenhagen® 2021!