Beant Kaur at UX Copenhagen 2021
Beant Kaur at UX Copenhagen 2021

About The Workshop “Level Up Your Listening Skills”

Our relationship with sound is primal and ancient. We survive, grow, and thrive by listening. Yet listening is endangered because we are constantly distracted. Join me in this hands-on workshop to find out how well you listen and what techniques can help you improve.
This workshop brings together learning from psychology, neuroscience, FBI negotiation techniques, social psychology to level up your listening skills.  You will do exercises individually and in groups and learn:
  • When do you stop listening?
  • What kind of listening villain are you?
  • Do you shift or support conversations?
  • What can we learn from an ex-FBI negotiator on listening? and more…
This workshop is based on altUXR email series for user researchers and related UX roles. Beant will focus on a topic for a specific period of time, for example, Creativity, Listening, etc. See a listening email here: You can join altUXR here:


About The Speaker

Beant is a senior Usability & UX Research Consultant with around 10 years of international experience on leading and executing user research. She helps teams set up a user-centered design processes, and has trained hundreds of practitioners around the world on user research.

Her previous work has been at Philips, adidas, Ultimaker, several start-ups, and consultancies. You can read her articles on Medium @beant.ux and join her altUXR emails on how to grow for user research.

To participate in Beant Kaur’s workshop “Level Up Your Listening Skills” purchase your ticket to UX Copenhagen 2021 HERE