Angelina Ngunje at UX Copenhagen 2021
Angelina Ngunje at UX Copenhagen 2021

About the talk “The Cascading Mentorship Model”

Angelina’s talk will focus on how the cascading mentorship model can help create an alternative means of income for young girls.

Kenyan schools have a high rate of girls dropping out due to various reasons, one major reason being teenage pregnancies. By finding partners or “sponsors” many young girls find themselves needing to leave school due to early pregnancies. By creating a network platform for mentorship, it is possible to encourage young girls to stay in school and complete their education.

We will also look at how the cascading mentorship model can be applied in various fields of design. By creating a “Commons” platform, are we able to encourage the continued learning/growth of aspiring and veteran designers alike?

About the Speaker

Angelina Ngunje is a creative designer with over 6 years of experience in graphical design, 2D animation and eLearning instructional design. During her career, Angelina has applied her skills in designing web and mobile applications, customer management systems and eLearning courses for corporates, NGOs and small businesses. She has worked with software development companies to guide clients and organizations to understand the value of design thinking and apply user experience principles to create effective end products.

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