Trine Falbe of Trine Falbe UX Consultancy
Trine Falbe of UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Trine Falbe has been working professionally with Internet related things since 2001.  She is a researcher, consultant, speaker and lecturer who works in the intersection between UX, business and ethical design. Author of the books “White Hat UX” and the upcoming “The Ethical Design Handbook”.
twitter: @trinefalbe


About the talk “Ethical Design beyond the ‘feel-good’”

There are a few reasons why ethical design is not yet the norm. Sketchy business models is obviously one reason, but another reason is that it seems difficult to prove the business case for ethical design.
Actually, it is not that difficult. In her talk, Trine Falbe will move beyond the “feel-good” arguments of ethical design, and teach you how to prove the business case of ethical design, and – just as important – introduce you to different ways to start practicing ethical design, whether you belong to management, design, or development.