Sebbe Selvig at UX Copenhagen 2020
Sebbe Selvig at UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Sebbe is Co-founder and CTO of the Danish startup Preely – and a Digital Entrepreneur with a positive attitude.

According to Sebbe, “Digital products need technical solutions of high quality and a strong focus on user needs. This, coupled with development speed and agile development, is what has brought success to the products I’ve been involved in.

My experience is in both Web Development and Game Development. This mix has given me an eye for developing products with a low entry level and focus on the core features. ”

Sebbe is currently involved in Preely, a prototyping tool that helps supercharge product discovery with remote unmoderated user testing. The tool helps push for products getting tested at a much earlier stage than most do today. “Don’t spend time and money on development if none of your users has a need for your solution or they simply don’t get your UI.”


Some of you might remember seeing Preely before – they had a booth in our Lobby at UX Copenhagen 2018!

About the workshop: “Test Early – Build Right”

Along with’s other co founder, Claus Venlov, Sebbe will be hosting a workshop that showcases their product, and will allow you to see for yourselves how smart it is – and how important it is – to test your products at a very early stage.