Sebastian D'Amore at UX Copenhagen 2020
Sebastian D’Amore at UX Copenhagen 2020

About the speaker

Sebastian D’Amore is a product designer at Mural, the leading online whiteboard, which helps teams to collaborate, organize, share and develop their ideas. He believes in remote collaboration and the power of visual thinking.

Sebastian is the country manager for IDF in Argentina, and together with other professionals leads the IDF design community in Buenos Aires, where it plays a key role in the region. He has worked with large companies and clients, such as Howard Johnson, Citibank, Disney, Holiday Inn and more.

About the talk: “How We Can Influence Others By Improving the Design Community”

How we can create or improve a community that represents us as designers? How can we influence others by improving a design community that supports peers, and helps them boost their careers and therefore become better professionals? 

This seems an impossible task – risky and far from our reach. In this session, Sebastian will tell us about how he was part of starting a design community that grew from only four people to more than 2000 in just five years. He will share how he and a team of others worked to strengthen a community and become a reference in the region by creating a solid culture. He will show us ways in which we ourselves can get involved to make a stronger design network by understanding the problems and needs from our local context, and how to work together with other design communities to inspire more people.